Create. Collaborate. Work. Teach
Dill is your space where creativity flows. We help your business scale by promoting your offers. At Dill you get to integrate work and life, by networking with a variety of people from different industries, enjoying workshops and classes, working with like-minded friends.
Located in Georgetown, Seattle
Georgetown is a great location with its own culture and a lot of free parking. Located south of SoDo, Georgetown has great bars, talented artists and inudstrial feel.
DILL Community Space
We are located on 5602 and 2nd ave South, Seattle WA. Our first floor is used for evening classes while the second floor offers a meeting room that also serves as the podcast area. There is also a lounge area on the second floor.
Create. Collaborate
DILL is a space where friends get together and collaborate. As a result we create amazing things.
teach and learn
create content
build prototypes
collaborate with your team
host photoshoots
get your hands dirty
build your stratup
hang out with friends
party with us
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